Who We Are

At Parrot Solutions, our vision is to bring together leading creative services industry experts from around the world to provide exceptional branding and identity solutions to global businesses. By working beyond borders and embracing a truly international outlook, we’ve built a skilled team of collaborative professionals from online designers to web developers, coders to content writers. Our experts have decades of combined experience and our complete range of online and offline branding and identity services transform businesses, wherever they are. Our model gives our clients complete freedom:
Freedom of choice – your business is not bound by the availability of specialists in your local area. You have the full force of the international talent pool at your disposal.
Freedom of culture – our experts bring a wide range of experiences to the table. Our diversity means a truly unique and borderless vision for your business and the option to work in multiple languages.
Freedom of time – you are no longer bound by local trading hours. Be free to send last-minute projects at the end of your working day and have stunning designs ready for the 9am rush.
Freedom of communication – forget booking meetings rooms or travelling to far-flung studios, our consultations happen over multiple media at a time that suits you.
Be as free as a bird (a parrot even) and GET IN TOUCH to find out what we can do for your business today.

Our beginning

Before banding together our experts worked across two companies: PC Clinic and Dariche Advertising Agency. When two became one in 2009, Parrot Solutions flew onto the scene to rustle some feathers in the online design world.

Why Parrots?

You’d be hard pushed to find a designer who doesn’t admire these tropical birds, but we believe they represent our approach to business success. Just as a parrot’s feathers are striking in their own right, each of our services offers something of value to our clients. But together, they create something wholly more captivating and alive. By integrating a company’s branding, identity and interface management, we create a whole that is better than its individual parts. Just like our tropical idols.

Our Promise

Your success is our success. We promise to always bring the best of our expertise to your project. Whether you are a sole trader, small business, a startup or a large enterprise, your job is equally valuable to us. Find out what our clients think by taking a look at our TESTIMONIALS, or see how our previous projects measure up in our extensive PORTFOLIO.
Parrot Solutions Family

Leading talents of Parrot Solutions

The expanding team

Behind the scenes, the expanding team consists of 7 more professionals. Projects are conducted via an online project management platform and the necessary team members are being invited and involved as per the project requirements. This way we make sure briefings are sent to the corresponding members accordingly and version control can be tracked down easily. The expanding team consists of highly trained designers, developers, and copywriters with years of hand-on experience working in different industries. They help the leading team with their workload, design ideas, and coding challenges and when it comes to an enterprise project, everyone gets involved to make sure they deliver the best results ahead of schedule.

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