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Stay amongst the frontrunners of your industry with regular website maintenance services. Parrot Solutions offers trailblazing website maintenance services for eCommerce sites and B2B websites. Learn more about our website management services here, or get in touch with our skilled team to speak with us directly.

Why Your Website Needs Maintenance

It would be fantastic if we could own a fast and functional website, sit back and watch the customers roll up. Unfortunately, websites need maintenance just like our cars. They need the occasional fine-tuning and tweaks to ensure they run smoothly and deliver the best results for your business.

Website maintenance is required for a number of reasons, including:

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To continue the best security practices against hackers and data breaches

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To edit your products and services, keeping customers in the know

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To reap the benefits of the latest website design features

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To conform to the latest SEO techniques and rank high on search engines

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To optimise site visitors’ experiences with contemporary topics and events

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To show your customers and clients you care about the small details

If you fail to regularly maintain your website, you can expect your website to drop down the search engine rankings and lose potential customers. And those that do find their way to your site may not hang around for long.

Our Website Maintenance Services

Parrot Solutions is proud to offer a wide range of website maintenance services. We can help you stay competitive with:

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Front and backend optimisation including SEO

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New content production (blogs, web pages and more)

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Website security improvements

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WordPress maintenance

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Website speed optimization

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Editing and adding products and services

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Making your website mobile friendly and responsive

We do not offer fixed WordPress maintenance plans or other packages because we take a personal and bespoke approach to each business. A free no-obligation quote can be provided for your website optimisation needs by speaking with our team.

Maintenance for Website: What are the benefits?

When you choose our website maintenance services, you won’t get left behind in your industry. With our knowledge and skills, we can maintain your site visitors, create opportunities for business growth, and most importantly, protect your website investment.

You can also expect a secure website that protects your customers and their sensitive information. Security breaches can tarnish brands and destroy businesses. Don’t let that happen to you by choosing to regularly maintain your website and keep it performing at its best.

Why Choose Web Maintenance with Us?

Parrot Solutions is made up of a diverse team with a rich background in the different areas of design and business development. We are proud to offer our clients the expertise of seasoned developers, SEO technicians, marketing gurus and content creators all under one roof.

By combining the knowledge and skills of our group, we can provide holistic services to enhance your business’s online presence. Unlike other agencies, we are not just a team of website developers, and we go the extra mile to help your venture succeed.

Stellar Website Maintenance Reviews

Our website design and website maintenance services are the most popular here at Parrot. We already have a large portfolio of clients who chose us to design their website and now they ask us to maintain it. This includes the websites owned by Holthe Law, Voicecom France and a string of eCommerce stores.
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“Very much enjoyed working with them, definitely recommend them and will use their services again.”

Sam N. London, GB

“The experience with this team could not have been more professional and accomodating. Great understanding of my needs and an unbelieveably effecient response time, highly recommend and I will be using them again.”

JP W. London, GB

“Absolutely delighted with the work. Excellent job, extremely professional, friendly and great attention to detail. I would recommend Parrot Solutions to anyone. I'll definitely be using these guys again!”

Mark L. Dublin, IE

They choose our website maintenance services because they already experienced high standards and attention to detail when we designed their site. But we also welcome new clients who had their site developed elsewhere and now want to stay on top of their industry with us.

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